This is For The Men

Why do I call upon men?

Why is it here that I see a spark?

Why do I find myself drawing towards them with nurturing smiles?

Healing their wounds that they are too scared to lick upon.

Because I feel,

Yes, suppression upon women exists.

Yes so many of us have been victims to attack of masculinity.

In countless ways.

Sexually, verbally, physically.

But what about their fears?

What about the expectations society hauls onto their shoulders?

What is a real man?

How to be a Mans Man.

How to be a bread winner.

How to be affectionate and manly all at the same time.

How to be compassionate but not be too feminine.
Because that’s what society screams for huh???

Women. Well hey, we’re women. We got this.

Men? My brothers from all corners of the earth…
I come to you with open hands and open heart.

Reveal your anxieties, reveal your worries.


Its okay…

I’m sorry that we judge you.

I’m sorry that we think you’re all the same.

I’m sorry that our pasts, means that we’re quick to blame.

I’m sorry that we don’t give you a chance,

I’m sorry we look down upon your glance

I’m sorry that you think it’s not okay to cry,

I’m sorry your anxieties have made you shy,

I’m sorry that you feel you should be built,

I’m sorry that feminism fills you with guilt,

I’m sorry that we always think you don’t care,

I’m sorry that your heart’s the first to tare,

I’m sorry sweet men that we always forget,

That your cheeks too are allowed to get wet,

I’m sorry that you are just as vulnerable as I,

And I’m so so sorry that we always criticise.

You are kings, you have hearts.

We love you.

Copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2018

Music : Aad Guray Nameh

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