The Middle Path

Sitting by the beach with a coffee and spliff, enjoying the lazy feeling of a hangover as the sun strokes his rays over the trees

And I feel FABULOUS.

I know what you’re thinking!

She claims she’s a yoga teacher and tells us to breathe! She talks about awareness of desires and healthy living! Who does she think she is!?

Its true, I do, yoga is my way of life…most of the time. I had this realisation though. My life is about, tuning in, letting go. Releasing strains. That’s how I accomplish my dreams…


I talk about it a lot. My focus is bringing the dual energy centres of my body together and teaching these techniques to my students. Stretching out the blockages, the discomforts and the pains.

But what about the balance between worlds? What about finding peace with being human.

Its all very well soaring up into other dimensions, tuning into the third eye, becoming sensitive to the finer things and listening to the wind. But what about the other two eyes? What about our physical senses, what about their place in this universe?

This life is short, everyday we are faced with new experiences, new lessons new teachers, and how would we learn from them if we didn’t dive into them head first?

What I’m saying, is, the spiritual world means a lot to me, my practice is disciplined and I see myself growing each day, but we must also remember where we are and where we’re from, the lessons we learn from touch and taste and scent.

What about the lessons we learn from being wild? Letting our hair down, shaking our hips, maybe getting a little tipsy from time to time!

My spiritual journey in the last few years has changed my life around, my perspective of everyone and everything has become compassionate and understanding and even more importantly, I love myself!

But, the thought keeps crossing my mind. What about the new experiences? Routine and discipline are great. They give us rhythm and stability, and yes, in the yoga world, if we stick to the sutras then eventually we may reach an enlightened state! Great!

So…one day we’re just healed? One day the patterns of the mind, they’re all over? One day, mistakes stop happening? One day the pain is all over and we become as light as the stars and life becomes a heaven?

And at the price of what? In the physical world we live in, does this involve giving up all those ‘naughty’ little things that give us a kick here and there? Whatever it may be?

Are they even ‘naughty’ or bad for us if they’re experienced once in a while?

And what if new things come our way? New experiences, encounters. New laughs and cries. New people that can turn our world around, new stories, new opportunities. New scenes.

Everyday is a new world, and sometimes, we take 10 steps forward on our path, but hell, other days we can take 20 steps back. and that’s okay! If the world handed us the same experiences and disciplines every day, how would we ever expand and grow?

I have had to remind myself a few times in the last couple of weeks that all these experiences happen for a reason, and it’s the toughest ones that teach us the most, that put the lines on our foreheads and white streaks in our hair. The ones that put that sparkle in our eyes and grant us with wisdom. Getting through struggles in this world of duality is what makes joy so beautiful. Facing fears is what teaches us to love.

The end to all desires!?

Is that really what we want? All of them!? I’m lounging on this beach in bliss right now. The taste of dark coffee on my lips, the sweet smell of maryjane, Lethargy, hungover, strokes my body, offering me a lazy day off from my daily disciplines.

My mind, jumps to last night, reminding me of the hours of dancing, shaking my hips, releasing my inner fire, and my whole being smiles, from the inside out.

I surrendered to the flow of my heart, and my heart said, ‘its okay to break the rules sometimes Jessica, its okay to change the schedule, its okay to be human, it’s all okay’

Everyone else’s perception of ourselves doesn’t matter. There is no rule book to this life. Our only teachers are our Selves, and the experiences are our lessons

Everything in moderation, everything in balance.

If this hangover would have happened a year ago I would have probably felt guilty for breaking my discipline. Two years ago and I’d light up a joint and plan the next party. Now, I smile at the laughs and dances I’ve had and make myself a fruit salad.

Its okay to break the rules sometimes. Its how we grow.

So Now?

Well, I’m enjoying The Middle Path. I embrace the light and I embrace the dark.

That space between two worlds which I relate to most. Amongst structure and spirit.

That’s where my wings fly.

Excuse me while I light my spliff.


Copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2018

Music – Bob Marley and the Wailers – Jammin’ (instrumental)

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