Inner Rhythms

Hypothalamus and pituitary
Understanding is habitorary
They play the role of secutary,
And appreciate respiratory.

Chemicals that flow inside our heads
Oxygen is needed, deeper breathes,
Massage the glands for inner wealth,
Signals for balance, perfect health

Corticotropin, gonadotropin
Thyrotropin , Releasing-hormone for growth in.
ADH, dopamine
and oxytocin,
All for the notion of pituitary motion.

Masters secreted for homeostasis,
Understanding these chemicals gives us the basis
For knowing the power the breathe has inside
Massaging these glands shows the science of mind…

The pituitary stimulates growth and lactation,
Inhibiting milk until the time for creation,
Growth hormones they ask our bodies to grow,
All the cells of the muscles, the liver and bones.

It stimulates glands to keep up their races
Providing fuels for the vehicle the spirit has taken.
The thyroid and gonads are stimulated
Also, the adrenals communicated.

Metoblising energy, is-the thyroids role
The gonads are for sex didn’t you know?
Epinepherine, norepinephrine and cortisol,
Decide in the adrenals, ‘to stay or to go?’

The thymus it has a mind of its own
By puberty this gland is fully grown,
But still it repels the bad stuff away,
T cells and lymph nodes keep us in play.

The pancreas’ job is to create,
Insulin while we’re indulging in cake
Chugging along while we forget,
That too much of anything causes regret.

Outside the things that you see each day,
And inside the magic that keep you in play,
Are of the same magnet didn’t you know?
The in and the out are of the same pole…

So simply a rhyme to help us to see
The rhythm that flows inside-you, inside-me,
Perhaps now you know, you’ll take care of your health,
Breathe in and breathe out, take good care of The Self 🤗🌱

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Copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2018 
Music: Yoga Tunes – Rajas
Photo credit Hafdis Lind @ La Casa Shambala