Angel’s Stages


‘Every artist has their muse,

But what if I’m my own?

Indulging in my sacred space,

Enjoying time alone.


Confidently lost, I’m not trying to be found

Evolving, swimming, in and out of rivers made of sound,

Embracing structured, rigid ways, projections of the world,

Discovering perfection in the light, and dark as well.


I’m a dreamer and I’ve always been,

It’s the way I find my truth,

I’m not hiding, I’m just loving me,

Revisiting my youth.


The past it shapes, but it’s not real,

Only outlines how we see,

I won’t change my past for anything,

It’s allowed me to be free.


I’m a dreamer in my temple,

I rise at 4.44,

Angels and the transcendental?

It’s my stage and my stage door…’


August 16th 2018

Copyright©Jessica Noifeld 2018

Music: Sampa the Great – Healing