Full Moon Truths

If my truth is your truth, then whose truth is mine?

The riddle plays over and over through time,

“He’s my God”, “He’s your God”, “Is God even true?”

We’re searching and fighting for what’s inside You.

And what is this truth that we’re screaming about?

Shoving and preaching with rules and with shouts,

How you should live and feel and agree,

How you should work and love and be free.

But isn’t this all just another’s opinion?

Perhaps he spoke truth the late great King Solomon

That nothing is ever new under The Sun,

These truths, they’re perception, of how to find One.

So where did the Kings and the Queens find their truth?

Back in the day when there wasn’t such proof

When the books didn’t tell you how you should Be,

There was more than the two eyes to feel and to see.

Back in the day we used our Third Eye

We looked in, to find the answers of Gaia

Under The Sun the answers they are,

But perception it changes the colours of stars

See my truth is my truth and your truth is yours

My vision of beauty to you could distort,

What you see as wrong in my eyes is right

But what is the point in having a fight?

There’s yin in the yang and yang In the yin,

So why are we fighting over colour of skin?

The physical is there but it isn’t my truth,

‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’

Will always bring violence and never world peace,

The love starts inside, it brings us release

Breathe in and breathe out, find the answers are there

That your truth is my truth and love do we share โค

Copyright ยฉ Jessica Noifeld 2018
Music: Aap Sahaee Hoa – Jai Jagdeesh Krishan

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