If we have evolved from animals which are described  as beings without ego, without the mind, is this why we have to come to find ourselves in a world of bombing jets and concrete jungles?

Why is our population growing?

Why are we at the top of the food chain?

Why have we managed to take over so much land?

How do we have power over animals? Power to tame. Power to create worlds unknown to physical nature, sky scrapers, underground systems.

To create a dimension of time keeping? How have we managed to travel across planets at high speeds? To create a world evolved around our own specie? To accomplish worldwide victory to our kind?

A tigers weapon is his great claws. A shark his jaws. An elephant his mighty size. What then is ours? What weapon has evolved for our global status?

‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ Julius Ceasar said.

‘I came, I saw, I conquered’.

We. man. Victorious.

Let the world bow down to us as we march with guns and saw over our promised lands!


Of great mountains, once coated with ancient forests, their mighty trees filled with 1000 year stories.


And waterfalls! Their banks once kissed with flowers and miniature universes.


Of lakes and rivers and ocean winds.


Even of our skies, when wings weren’t ever our gift.


Let us thank our minds.


Has the beating drum of our minds made us.

Victorious and destructive.

We fight, we tear apart, we kill.

We cut it down, we build it up, we terminate.

We hurt. We hurt so much….Why is our greatest victory our greatest pain?

Victorious are our minds.

Victorious of the human race.

The army we call ego.

Let us be victorious once again.


Victorious of our anxieties and pains and fears. Let us remember ourselves.


In a time of time, it is time to acquaint ourselves with our egos. As we have evolved, so have our minds, but along the path of finding ourselves, we got lost, things got grey.

How often does the BBC or CNN have good news for us?

And so we search and we search. For happiness. For an understanding.

We ask, ‘What’s the point in all this destruction anyway?’

We search in the physical. The search for happiness. Searching for completeness from this grey feeling of in-completeness.

what is the point in all of this!?’ we cry. ‘Why don’t these moments last? Why can’t that flash of pleasure stand still? Why with every second does the second pass away?

Victorious we are not. We are not victorious of pain.

Or of our suffering.
It is time to relearn to use our weapons.

To unlearn our addictions of self-destruction and pain.

It is time to know our minds. To look within.


Know thy ego. Know thy self.




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(Copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2018)

Music: Now We Are Free – Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator Theme)