Egolution™ came to me in a time when I had secluded myself from society to get a different perspective of the structures we live in; I had become quite bitter about our race. A few months later, my first blog emerged, surrendering my live travel experiences to the outside world through poems and short essays.

My feelings soon evolved as more and more people signed up for reading. I must admit, I was surprised. My perceptions of the ego changed from something of aversion to sweet gratitude towards the magnificent nectar of our minds.

I sacrificed Egolution™ earlier this year to make time to work on ‘The Book’, but, in loving memory of the fun I had with this blog, I will post past pieces here from time to time.

Sound has been, and still is, a big part of my personal healing journey, so I hope you enjoy reading, with the accompaniment of sound…there will be an option to click play at the top of each post.


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