Sugar-Coated Spirits





Don’t judge a book by its cover’

A half naked woman doesn’t mean she’s a whore,

A book full of pages doesn’t have to be sure,

A monk dressed in robes doesn’t mean he’s a saint,

The artists canvas is his perception with paint.

There’s always room for more evolution,

Every experience that at first clouds with confusion,

Allows the Self to clear up the clouds,

The light is within, it’s a personal sound.

The soul is a flame, it never goes out,

Eternally glowing, despite The World’s shouts,

Of opinions and darkness and desires of control,

The candle’s still burning, never losing it’s role.

Governments and medias come up with strange fashions,

Tainting our spirits with ego and passions,

Money and high-streets boast spirituality

Books screaming wisdom, coated in vanity.

The Candle’s still burning, though clouded with scents,

Of incense and words from the monks mouth instead,

But alas, does this mean that the preachings aren’t truth?

Does this mean that the help from these lights are aloof?

It is time to tune into our OWN intuition,

Be grateful for guidance from high politicians,

But freedom of making our own decisions

Releases the mind from old superstitions.

Remember attachment to thought can imprison,

Remember hate and judgement create long division

Remember compassion is ALWAYS efficient

Remember revision of every religion

Unveils perfect vision of inner precision.

No thy ego, know thy self,
Egolution-i xxx

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Copyright© Jessica Noifeld 2018

Music: Rajas – Yoga Tunes