First Came the Word

The burn out it burns all that is not real,🔥
The lies, the false smiles and all that does steal.
It leaves us with space to relearn our Self
And act with discernment upon the meaning of wealth

The road of good intentions often leads to hell,
Even though that they tell us their advice does mean well,
The words that they speak are intended for them
They are based on their fears, from themselves do they send

Their past experience, the pains in their heart,
They may mean to protect you but their pains do impart,
And without your discernment you absorb their fears too,
Without wisdoms voice you feel them in you.

Without space to listen Within gets confused
The encasing of spirit becomes hurt and bruised
Surrendering to another, living through them
And the fear does grow faster when their words do pretend.

The Dreamers they have to play the game tough,💪💫
They made it as leader by living it rough
Don’t be fooled and jump to ungracious conclusions
About the game and the fortune it’s all an illusion

The road of the leader will always hold pain
Solitude is necessity to deal with the strains
The fame isn’t chosen it’s on Destiny’s path
And Destiny chooses when it does start.

But discipline and compassion when cocktailed with trust
Will remind us connection to Inner’s a must
And then Wisdom intuitively always will know
If the words of another intend for our growth

Trust is important it inspires community
But strength is important to protect Spirits nudity.
Intentions may be good but before YOU advise,
Ask your words first, from where do they rise?

Are they authentic? Are your words pure?
Or perhaps they are tainted with your hurt from before?
The Word is eternal, once spoken, it lives,
You cannot return it, so be sure to give,
Thought before speaking, keep your words wise
Vibrate authenticity, remove veil from blurred eyes.

Create space for discernment, be the Master that’s YOU
You’re the warrior of the wise, but that you already knew. Know thy ego, Know thy Self,
Copyright© jessica noifeld 2019