Revolutionary Reflections

Tupac – Life Goes On (instrumental)


Wipe away the dust and the clutter off the mirror

Stop the alcohol and drugs, respecting of the inner,

Share the secrets of nirvana, samsara winners

Light up the dark, fears and worries growing thinner


I dream each night about understood equality,

Religious faiths, ignorance, spirituality

It’s time to hault mad mental calamity

Realising truths, I am you and you are me.


Justice will come from self-education

Realising wars don’t belong to our nations

Class systems, slavery, specialization

Look within, breathe, stretch and be patient


The healings all there, mental purification.

More than the moment of passion sensation,

Presently found are the inner equations,

Spiritual growth, cosmic realisation.


Miniature universes explain the theosophical

Comprehension that the endless is possible

Sharing the knowledge creates warriors unstoppable

Only the worriers’ disasters are probable


Searching for joy became materialistic

Testosterone nations so masochistic

Violence and terror all part of the big trick

Cancers diseases depressions all sick


Fighting for what? To make the richer get rich

Understand Our self before politics

Understand the journey of inner confusion

Understand maya, the outer illusion

Free yourselves first from the kryptonic fusion

Then bring it all to a better conclusion.


Copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2019

Photography: Rakel Lopez @ La Casa Shambala