Be Wild, Be Free


Be wild, be free, be fruitful, don’t let ‘awareness’ be thy trap 🔥

They’re always going-to find a way, to capture you with ‘facts’.

Hear them,-feel them, understand them, experiment for sure,

But should ‘awareness’ leave one, with more pain than before? 🤔


New age politics is boasting spirituality,

But what’s the point in ‘knowing more’ if it’s creating more calamity?

Should compassion for another leave one feeling pain?

Ask yourself within, if you’re doing this in vain…


Does it come from love? Or is one filled with guilt?

Are heart and mind veiled by societies thick quilt?


There will always be a balance of what’s creating stress,

Too much of anything will always be a test,

This includes too much of nothing, rigid minds create a mess,

Allow oneself to live a little, celebration is the best!


Rules, diets and order of course they have their place

Traditions and communities, hold much of human grace

But individually, what’s driving your rat race?

Ask yourself the question, what’s creating that straight face? 😉


You see, our outer reality, is a reflection of our hearts, 👀💌

The pain you see around you, inside is where it starts,

But if you take a moment, give thanks for every breathe,

Simplicity takes over, and empties out the mess 💩


Awareness is necessity, But know it starts inside,

The mind creates obesity, holding triggers that do hide 🔫

So understand YOUR history before seeking revolution,

Unleash your inner mysteries, accept your blind confusion. 🔮


Be free and let your hair down, enjoy this wondrous life, 🤷‍♀️

Find balance with the discipline, don’t let the rules become the price💃

Sometimes we gotta live a little, don’t always criticise,👯‍♀️

‘Freedom is found in love of Self’, said the warriors of the wise 😘🌱 .

(Copyright ©Jessica Noifeld 2018)

Music:-  Sampa the Great – Healing