Perhaps 2020

The palliative splendour of 2020,
Quick fixes and avoiding the awakening we need,
What if 2020 gifted everything required,
And a shift of our perspective would locate our inner fire…

You see we have this tendency, with our human kind,
We like to look at everything through the eyes of mind,
And if routines disrupted and we have to change our goal,
As humans, we just think a lot and give our mind this role.

We allow the mind to master us, to capture intuition,
To drown us with grave fears and doubt and bleak false premonition,
You see, the mind, it’s really smart, it absorbs what it sees,
It memorises all life’s drugs and with addiction it does tease.

Addictions come in many forms, of course the substance kind,
But also in the thoughts we think, the expectations that we find.
Perhaps hopes and expectations are very different things
And the seeds of disappointment are the attachment that it brings.

Perhaps then, 2020, although it bought us fear,
Inspired courage and presence, the releasing of our tears.
Although we may have changed our plans, although we suffered loss,
We had to sit and feel our thoughts, the bridge of growth we crossed.

Perhaps, for once, we could slow down, live beyond the sense dimension,
And filter out the hoarding from years of mind obsession.
And through this year, perhaps we grew, perhaps we learnt great lessons
Perhaps in the act of slowing down, we became aware of minds possession.

Perhaps we had to create space, to re-align with Self,
And suffer turmoil so that we’d heal and find a lasting wealth.

And so, now that the year has passed, we can plan with great precision,
Perhaps not in the physical, but how to be a better human.
And now we have experience in how to live in the unknown,
We can face the year of ’21 without fear of the postponed.

We can ride the wave of suffering, and, with compassion, share our light,
Find serenity in the slow-downed noise, embrace experience for foresight.
The infinite possibilities become greater than a plan,
Thou shalt not fear the gifts of Earth, ’21 we take your hand.

Know thy ego. Know Thy Self. Egolution.