Accommodation Sayulita

Finding the perfect place to stay while you are training can take time; there are so many beautiful spots in Sayulita. It is entirely up to you where you stay as you know what suits your needs. We have however included three of our favorite spots incase you would like a little bit of guidance! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

El Swell Guest House:

Boasting a terrace, pool, and stunning mountainous views, El Break at El Swell Surf House is set in Sayulita in the Nayarit region, 1.4 miles from North Sayulita Beach. It’s a great place for relaxing and is calm and quiet as it sits about 15 minutes walk from Sayulita Village.

Contact El Swell Surf house via their Facebook page @elswellsayulitasurfhouse or IG @elswellsurfhouse

Makalanii Studio is situated inside of Aurinko Bungalows, a beautiful boutique hotel. Staying here is an option for the duration of the course. Please visit the hotel website here to check for availability.

My Sister’s House

A stunning ladies only guesthouse in the heart of Sayulita. Click here for more info and to check availability