Ancient Roots – Iceland 2021

The Mystery School & Middle Path Movement

 humbly welcome you on a journey through our ancient past to assist us in understanding who we are, where we come from, the current state of humanity / our world, the current state of ourselves / others, and ultimately remembering how interrelated all of these questions are. 

Ancient roots is a quest where we remember the unlimited potential that resides within us. Where we break down the leak in lost history, ancient civilisations, indigenous and native cultures, religions, and lost scriptures and sacred texts. Because of cultural conditioning and suppressed knowledge due to certain religions, governments, and a variety of different sects of beliefs- our very nature has been hidden in plain sight. 

In this 6 week intensive we will be tapping back into our ROOTS.

Remembering the ancient lineages of our time.

The wisdom that lives within our DNA.

Returning back to the practices rooted within us, that have been our birth right since the beginning of time itself.

Nothing is ever lost, just merely forgotten in the illusion of conditioned perception, thought, belief, and social conditioning.

Our relationship with the outside world is non negotiable, yet we see the outside world as something separate from us- when it is the very essence of all that we are. 

To understand how this is possible, we will explore Quantum physics and Unified field theory to discover the very fabric of life and the true nature of reality. 

Piecing together our ancient past to assist us in modern life. 

We will remember the inner workings of our bodies, and not just the physical material body- We will be remembering the anatomy of the electric vibrational bodies, discussing vibrational medicine, Yoga based sciences, the relationship between plants and man, whilst understanding plant, animal, planet, the universe and human consciousness. 

Exploring the depth of our courageous heart, whilst remembering the master who lives within YOU.

We are the ones we have always seeked.

Imagine harnessing the ability to completely control your states of being.

When stressed, having the tools to bring yourself back into harmony.

When angry, depressed, or sad – having the tools to understand your mental, physical, and emotional processes and shift back into joy or bliss as you wish.

It is YOU that holds the power to transform your entire world.

It is YOU that holds the keys to unlocking your heart and mind & ultimately re-wiring the way you think and see- to expand your reaction and actions towards yourself and others.

We hold within us every possibility we told ourselves was an impossibility. Our ability to create solely depends on our beliefs and perceptions of reality.

This space acts as a sacred mirror, for you to see yourself without the roles and masks that we wear- a clear and supported environment in order to anchor in your passions, joy and wildest dreams.

 Step back into unconditional love and devotion for the self and all of life

To peel back the layers of the Wisdom that lives within our bodies

That lives within our HEART.

A space where you are unconditionally held and supported throughout your journey. 

IN and OUT of the space. 

This is an opportunity for those seeking to take their practice to even greater depths and heights,

Whilst exploring our ancient roots and remembering the practices that bring us back hOMe.

Home is not a place.

It is a space that is always with you.

All around you.

WithIN you.

Home is the quality of presence, it is the quality of being wherever you are. 

The Mystery school and Middle Path Movement reunite to bring forward this 6 week intensive, in effort to assist everyone on the journey back hOMe. We will be putting the keys back into your own hands for Self healing and transformation!

 Remembering the unlimited potential that exists within US and ALL of life! 

One moment of stillness, breath, movement and conscious conversation at a time. 

The art of remembering,  

:: Ancient Roots ::

Course Dates –

Course 1 – September 23rd – October 31st

Course 2 – November 4th – December 19th

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Music : – Sonah Jobarteh – Reflections