Coconut Rain

It’s okay to be vulnerable,

In this new age of women stepping up to their power,

I see testosterone taking front centre stage.

I see endless working hours and black suits and ties.

I see anger and grimaces and steroid stacked muscles.

We’re trying to have our voices heard, but we’re screaming for peace with jaws clenched shut.

Anger and resistance taking over our organic compassionate states.

In this day and age?
Nahhh we don’t need that, just like we don’t need to breathe!”

Well today, I’m a weeper.

Today, I admit, I feel broken.

Today I, a woman who travels the world and who, for a long time has accepted help from no one, is the fullest Moon, ready to absorb and receive the fullest love.

Yes, it’s good to step up!

Yes! We should have our voices heard,

YES! The scales of equilibrium need a hella lot of balancing out,

But let’s not forget that We are Creator and We create through love, through peace, through compassion.

The greatest art pieces are manifested through surrendering to vulnerability.

Does being a strong woman mean behaving like societies projection of a man?

I’m a woman, I’m a warrior, but as a Rainbow needs Her sunlight, She also needs to cry.

How would the Lotus bud open without the rain?

The more vulnerable we allow ourselves to be, the stronger we become,

We are taught to hide our tears, We are taught that they are weakness,

But without release comes anger, and anger causes pain.

There is a line between wallowing and accepting what is,

Facing what hurts, facing the truth, and THEN allowing it to heal.

So today, I am a woman feeling every drop of rain.

This experience doesn’t make me weak, or soft or over sensitive,

This makes me stronger, none of this is in vain.

I’m a woman, and today I choose to cry..

I’m dancing in the rain.


Copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2018

Music: Mariage D’armour Chopin

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