Middle Path Movement Drop-In Classes and 1-1 Sessions

Join Middle Path Movement for exclusive drop in classes and 1-1 sessions that encourage spine alignment, mental clarity and rhythmic breathing.

With specialised tools from Middle Path Movement teacher training programs and worldwide retreats, for anyone ready to deepen their practice and implement their yoga practice on and off the mat.

All classes are non-performative and, in Middle Path Movement ethos, everyone is always welcome.

Move your body and still your mind with Middle Path Movement.


Private Yoga Classes

If you would like to arrange private yoga sessions for individual flexibility goals, to work on specific areas of the body or for breathwork / meditation tools that suit your unique journey, get in touch via the form below

£33 per session,

Discount bundles available upon request.

For private groups of any size, get in touch and we will arrange something that suits your groups needs.

Reiki and Light Massage

Get in touch for at home Reiki and light massage. All sessions bring together Reiki Master symbols from Usui Ryoho lineage, Thai Massage Levels I, II, III and IV and Acupressure for assisting in toxin removal and energetic flow.


Thai Massage


Yoga Alignment and Meditation Tools

A nourishing and enriching flow for all levels with clear alignment cues for correcting and deepening your practice. Each class is accompanied with meditation tools for mental clarification and creating space in your inner world.

This class is postponed until further notice

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Music: Sona Jobarteh – Reflections