Egoic Harmonics Who’s On It?

‘Teachers come in endless forms‘ 

Yesterday morning, while practising our daily pranayama on the silver moonlit beach , Thea and I, fully dressed, fully ‘decent’,  were interrupted by a man with his shorts at his ankles, masturbating over us. Shamelessly controlled by his desires and sex, he did not even move when we realised what was happening.

I was disturbed all day. My last day in India, tainted by a mans inability to control his mind and body.

I love this country very much. The yoga capital has so much to teach and share, but also so much to learn (as with every nation I have visited and lived in so far).

Filled with Male Gurus and Teachers, I ask myself again…

‘What is missing here?’

Where is the Divine Feminine sharing? Where are her teachings?

There are of course some Female Teachers but far and few.

I seek knowledge and am approached by only men. These teachings of course I am humbly grateful for, but feminine energy needs a voice amongst all spiritual, religious, traditional and modern cultures WORLDWIDE!

Yes, I am told stories of Goddesses, yes I hear of respected women in the political world.

A world dictated by industrialisation, money and war.

Or Goddesses serving nectar from their breasts to Gods.

I see women’s bodies covered in robes so men can control their desires.

I am told time and time again by my spiritual teachers that my main purpose and goal in life is to marry and birth a child (yes these are my interests, but not my only aim!). Either that or I become a nun!?

I am told that I will only be a great Yogini if I am guided by a Yogi.

I am told that if and when I stand up to these Great Men and their teachings that I’m ignorant, that I’m guided by my ego, that they hope that I will change.

Please, World, correct me if I’m wrong, but are we not missing something major here?

Is not the Garden of Eden that everyone dreams of already here but tainted by a dull grey fog of imbalance?

Let the scales of feminine and masculine find their equilibrium!

Let the feminine creativity rise!

YES, I have an Ego, and yes I will use it to flow with the change that is naturally happening.  Patan Jali’s foundations of yoga speak of non-violence, but if speaking up is the only way to defend ourselves in this topsy turvy world war 3, then fine, let this Ego armed with compassion and righteousness be our weapon of defence!

Empresses rise, Goddesses speak up.!

Men and women, both, it is OK to surrender to sensitivity, it is okay to be soft…our world needs it.

And to the male teachers across the world I have met and learnt from on this journey so far, who have been disturbed by my Ego and struggled with a woman speaking up…

Thank you for your teachings,

Thank you for your lessons,

Thank you for your time,

Thank you for your anger,

Thank you for your violence,

Thank you for calling me foolish and ignorant and wrong,

Thank you for your discomfort with compassion.

I wouldn’t be here, now, as I am, eternally grateful for this life if it was not for you.

We are all born from creation,

We are all nurtured through untainted love in the womb.

We are all the fruit of the balance of these energies,

The paradise children of mother nature.

Why else are babies laughs so pure?

Let us remember our true natures,

Let us relearn the harmony of this world..

And, hey, if its gonna take a little bit of sass to get us there then…

Will the real ladies and gentlemen please stand up!!!


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(copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2018)
Music: Sona Jobarteh- Reflections