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“I hear anger, complaining, negativity blazing,🌋
Revolutions of violence, finger pointing and blaming,🔫
But what if that energy used on global hating😑
Was locally reflected sustainably making

A personal project, sparking within,
A candle, a fire from which you will win 🕯
An opportunity inevitable to spark up the whole world,🌍
Reflect your revolution, but you’ve got to start first🎯

Today I’m feeling extra, and expression is a must,💃👭
Expressions been my saviour it’s helped clear my inner dust👨‍🎨✏
Inspired by changes in civilisation,🎎
Different people-places-diets-world’s as my stimulation. 🌍🌐

From Where does the anger you’re feeling root?🌰
It’s important to see whats the cause of this fruit🍌
The poisonous apple is from you, not from them🍎🍏
Accepting YOU hold solution avoids multiple stems🌾

Expressions refreshing, but contemplate words before,🎧
Know what’s your mission before unlocking that door,🗝
Understand their perception, in their world, is Right,😃
If you don’t understand them, then you’re asking to fight.🤼‍♀️

And If you wanna make changes, then first be your Self,👿
Don’t mind their reactions, discomfort, brings wealth,💰
Routine is important it helps to keep humans sane, 📅
but the new is invited, we don’t have to play tame🐩

To the rules of the leaders, for they too make mistakes,🤑
They too, seek Inspiration, they’re humans, not fake👻
So if we wanna make changes, let’s mix wisdom with sass,👩‍🎤👩‍🎨
Let’s light up some fires, take off some masks, 🎭
Be the change-YOU inspire, give ancient wisdom new class🚀

So please, let’s be extra, spread our wings and be free, 🦅
Burning personal illusions will provide us the key,🔥
Experience and study and experience more stuff,📚🏮
Find order in the realisation, that you’ll never know enough,🔭

And That the cosmos have answers, and you’re a miniature 🗿
In this human-xperience you leave your signature ✒
You have all the answers, the only massacre’s within🔫🎇
You are the warrior of the wise, slay your ego and win 😉
You inspire answers from this illusionary matrix,🏆
Reprogram the virus and the outer world will fix📟💻👾

System reboot….


Know thy ego. Know Thy Self.


Music: Native American Peyote Music

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