Mama’s and Papa’s Yoga Teacher Training

We present a very special course adapted for all the Mums and Dads that either have the calling to get certified as Yoga teachers or would like to immerse themselves in their personal yoga practice.

Throughout this course you will dive deep into the ancient philosophy of Yoga, learning about your physical and energetic body, understanding in detail every asana, and getting all the necessary tools needed to create your own classes.

We understand how challenging it can be as a parent to find that time for your Self practice; and so we have created a program where, we firstly will deliver to you the majority of the theory segment in a very complete and interactive online course with weekly teacher and student sharing circles and zoom morning practices to get you ready for the onsite retreat that will be happening July 2021.

What makes this YTTC so special is the fact that you are encouraged to bring your children with you in the two weeks we spend together onsite. You and your children can enjoy a special schedule for young minds that provides a playful way of connecting the information you learn and practice during the course.

This is truly a beautiful experience you can take for yourself (and for the world) as well as an opportunity to offer an amazing experience to your child (or children). And, most importantly, it is an adventure for you to share.

Course Dates
Online Portion

The online Portion will be 12 weeks (dates soon to be confirmed)
(7.5 hours per week but done at your own time and pace)

Onsite Portion

Join us at our chosen retreat centre for 2 weeks with your kids!