Mexico 200 Hour YTTC

La Casa Shambala Go To Bacalar Lagoon, Mexico

18 April – 8 May, 2021

To keep up our flexible spirit, we are touring to bring you our 21 day, 200 hour yoga teacher training course at our new, deep blue destination; we welcome you to Bacalar Lagoon Mexico for an ultimate experience of growth and self-discovery under tropical palms, among the hum of the jungle.

If you are considering to join us, it means you have a longing for deeper, inner discovery. This course is a dive into the study of yoga. The program is truly special, not only for its content and practice, but also in the loving intention which we put into every detail that surrounds it. La Casa Shambala are a family, and as a family we have created a story with hundreds of students, volunteers, teachers and employees from around the world. This story manifests as an experience, based on finding a path to help us remember our true essence of empowerment, through the practice of yoga in all its forms.

We hope to welcome you to our family to join in this story. The goal is that in doing so, you reach your highest purpose through the time you spend with us at La Casa Shambala. Our family keeps growing with souls from every corner of the planet in this never-ending adventure called life.

Read more about our story and how you can join us in April 2021 here