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Along Mexico’s Pacific Coast, backed by Sierra Madre’s Occidental Mountains, lies a little village, gifted with The Surfers Wave. Enchanted with diverse tropical wildlife and the laid-back hum of ocean calm, Sayulita invites a diverse population of salty-haired-sun-worshippers, art designers, yoga lovers and mountain climbers. Bursting with palm trees and a warm villagers lifestyle and Middle Path Movement have absolutely fallen in love.

That is why we have decided to run our first Teacher Training Course of 2022 exactly here.

A 21 day intensive transformation program for anyone who is ready to deepen their spiritual practice on and off the mat, simultaneously certifying as an worldwide accredited yoga teacher.

This yoga alliance authenticated course is suitable for everyone, from the beginner, who wants to dive deep into this ancient art from the start, or to the advanced practitioner who is ready to get certified and start teaching their own yoga classes with an accredited, globally recognized body.

Upon completion of this course, not only will our students have joined a global tribe of people who have put in the loving intention to evolve and heal their own mind body and spirit, they will leave the course with a unique skill set that they can take and share with with the rest of the world, whether it is in their own intentional classroom, or in their home and work environments

What to expect on a Teacher Training Program with Middle Path Movement.

We will of course be diving deep into the physical aspects of yoga; body movement and alignment, breath work and correct classroom adjustment to ensure that our students are aware of their own postures and just as importantly, the postures of those around them.

We are passionate about the importance of honoring and understanding the roots of yoga and provide our students with deep studies into the history and philosophy of this ancient science. We create open spaces for discussion about views and personal experiences as we feel this is the most beneficial and effective to way to learn such an inclusive and vast topic.

We will learn to understand the mechanics of the body in a unique and dynamic classroom setting, analyzing the anatomy and physiology of the body and how it specifically connects to the movement of yoga with a highly qualified and experienced teacher.

We will be exploring depths of the world of meditation and mantra, learning skills and techniques for guided meditations and independent practices

As Yoga is an inclusive science, we feel it is important to understand different perspectives and practices of spirituality. With this in mind, as we will be in Mexico, we feel it is important to understand and experience the traditions of the Land. Therefore, we will be offering the opportunity to experience traditional Mexican ceremonies to allow our students to honor the Spiritual practices of the space we will be sharing.

All this and much much more to expect from this 3 week intensive program with Middle Path Movement!

Photo Credit :- Tori Nauer

Included in our Syllabus

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Hatha Vinyasa Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • The History of Yoga
  • The Philosophy of Yoga
  • Pranayama Skills
  • Meditation
  • Mantra and Chanting
  • Embodied Movement Workshop
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga
  • The Art of Anatomy – A Body Based Art Class
  • Mandala for Mindfulness
  • Yoga Ethics
  • Thai Massage
  • Teaching Skills
  • In Depth Alignment Workshops
  • And more!!!

Our Teachers

Jessica has been teaching and practicing yoga in all its forms for several years. She has been traveling the world, studying alternative therapies for over 11 years and hosts retreats and yoga teacher training courses worldwide. She is an accredited E-500 RYT and YACEP Qualified Trainer, Reiki Master and Thai massage therapist. Having explored several cultures from a very young age and studied alongside multiple indigenous teachers, she shares her personal experiences in all stems of yoga but finds the most vibrancy in studying and teaching about the philosophy of yoga. Part of Jessica’s own personal holistic practice is writing, and she has recently published her first book, ‘Egolution-Volume 1-Revolution Starts Within’ a collection of philosophical poems written after the stillness of meditation. Her second book ‘The Butterfly Awakening’ will be published soon. Read more about Jessica’s story and her books here

Joely Franklin BSc, RYT, GSR

Joely offers teachings that allow the student to deeply connect to the body wisdom. Her experience stems from professional dancing/performing in her late teens, to Personal Training, Sports Rehabilitation/Athletic Training, Yoga and Embodied Life Coaching. No matter the modality, she will guide you deeply into a re-connection with yourself. Her life motto is “Welcome every single part of you”. As a Yoga Teacher her focus is primarily on the felt sense, how the practices of Yoga feel to the individual and teaching them how to develop their intuition to share this with the world authentically and respectfully. 
She has a degree in Sports Therapy/Athletic Training and over 10 years of experience within the Health and Fitness space. She will teach you not just about the bodies anatomy and the science of it, but how to apply this knowledge within the world and in practical class environments. Setting you up for supporting students from all walks of life and abilities and to support your own body from a more loving place.

About the Studio

Makalanii Studios in Sayulita is situated in the heart of the town, just one block from the beach. Close to the vibrancy of town and the exciting surf community, as soon as you enter the studio you are transported into a calm and tranquil place. With a traditional Mexican palapa roof this studio is perfect to begin your journey as a yoga teacher and immerse yourself in local culture.

Makalanii Studio is a space dedicated to healing. Hosting traditional ceremony weekly with both local and international practitioners. 

We will be offering additional ceremony options for our students to support their practice and learning including traditional Mexican tamazcal, cacao ceremony, breathwork and sound healing. 

Course Price – £1495 GBP

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