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At a young age I was already interested in health and well-being. Having experienced recurrent health problems, it was only natural for me to study sport and health at university.
It was during the stressful times of exams that I found yoga and other relaxation techniques. I was able to use these methods to cope with the intense pressures. These interests later brought me to travel across Asia to learn more about these Eastern techniques. I ended my journey in India, where I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training course and was able to dive deeper into the practice and begin sharing my knowledge amongst students. Now I expand my teaching of Sports into the magical worlds of Yoga. I teach in India and France and find nothing more fulfilling than being able to share what has helped me so much.


Jessica has been teaching and practicing yoga in all its forms for several years. She has been traveling the world, studying alternative therapies for over 11 years and hosts retreats and yoga teacher training courses worldwide. She is an accredited E-500 RYT and YACEP Qualified Trainer, Reiki Master and Thai massage therapist and has recently launched her first podcast also named ‘Egolution’ . Having explored several cultures from a very young age and studied alongside multiple indigenous teachers, she shares her personal experiences in all stems of yoga but finds the most vibrancy in studying and teaching about the philosophy of yoga. Part of Jessicas own personal holistic practice is writing, and this formed her inspiration for the publication of her first book, ‘Egolution-Volume 1-Revolution Starts Within’ a collection of philosophical poems written after the stillness of meditation. Her second book ‘The Butterfly Awakening’ will be published soon. Read more about Jessica’s story, her podcast, brand and books at http://www.middlepathmovement.com

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