My Guru Has 1000 Faces


To be rich is to be present, 
Grateful for the currency of love. 
Rich in self worth,
Wealthy with Awareness 
Of the golden breathe 
That buys more than one thousand 0s. 
Conscious of the love that resides within simplicity, 
Of the love that resides with-out’

So here I am, in India, doing my thing again,

With only myself and my backpack to fend

Adventuring our planet, facing my fears,

The unexpected, the exciting, the blood sweat and tears.

Chaos she shows herself in disarray and delight,

Tuks tuks, cows and sarees so bright

I swim through odours, sweet and pugnant intwined,

The spiritual capital of the whole of mankind.

It stinks here in India didn’t you know,

Rotting faeces and dead things on the side of the road

But alas! The magic and charms rise above

I float though magic alleys and feel only love.

Incense it fills all the streets with such mystery,

Curious spirits suggesting wild history,

Fortune tellers approach and they call out my name,

How did they know? What is this game?

Familiar faces fill my body with shivers,

Golden green eye contact held makes me quiver,

Its like I’ve been here before, a long time ago,

And so, I surrender to decode the cosmos

A wise man he calls and asks me to sit,

On the side of the road, beside some cow shit,

I shrug and I smile, I know this old man,

Meeting those wrinkles is my soul plan.

‘I’m a beggar you know’ he says in gruff voice,

‘Living this way is precisely my choice.

Beggar I am, but far from a fool,

With compassion in mind, I make my own rules’

‘Jessica, you too, as all, can live endless years

You too can rise above societal fears,

Take what I teach you and share in the west

Publish your book and you will do best’

‘Remind all the world the harms of perception,

That longing for more causes suffer and tension,

Acquaint all you meet with the phantom of ego,

Humble your Self and the knowledge will grow…’

(copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2018)

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