Non-Fiction Addiction

This is a story for the whole of humanity

Who are suffering from a plague of insanity

The vaccines are there, the doctors and meds,

But the case is still worsening, the virus still fed

The name of the dis ease is non-fiction addiction

Causing our people ongoing eviction

We are choking in a smog of addicted nations

We are yearning and longing for passion sensations

I feel it now as you read this you puff up

Your ego is crying ‘alright love, enough’

‘Im not an addict, my life is just fine’

You snort and you scuff as you sip on your wine.

You see, it’s becoming more than apparent

That each of our minds are bogged down with impairment,

But alas, do not fear, it is okay to share,

The first step of healing is being aware…

The stresses of work and at home are too much,

It’s really quite normal, no one will judge,

And so what if they do, don’t get distraught,

Perhaps if we do, we’re addicted to thought?

Addicted to what we think they might say,

And what will make these thoughts go away?

A substance, a chemical, that slows the mind down,

1 glass, 2 glass, 3 glasses of wine.

‘I need this, I want this, it’s all that I got’

The ego it sniggers as it ties ‘addicts knot’

‘I know what else will make me feel good,

A trip to the fridge and I’ll pile in the food’

Unconsciously does the food touch the lips,

The taste does not matter for more than a tick,

The ego, the master, sniggers at his pet, tame

To the puppeteer this, is all but a game!

Some of us are addicted to illness and pity

We wallow and cry in the rain clouds of ‘poor me’,

‘I’m sick, can’t you see?’ ‘My heart, it is broken’,

I feel your ego flinch as you’re woken.

And how about the material world?

New shoes, new bag, new diamonds, new pearls.

‘This, new stuff will make me feel better

I’ll work extra hours; the bills I’ll pay later’

‘And when I get home ill whack on the tv

I’ll watch someones life and call it reality

And then after gymming 6 days in a row,

I’ll go one more time, never mind repose’.

‘And then, yeah, why not a couple of drinks?

I know deep down what my family think,

I know these things come with consequence,

But an addict? Me? Don’t talk such nonsense.’

The biggest cause of the virus is denial

Putting the whole of our planet on trial

Causing destruction, stealth and ill-health

When all that is needed is awareness of self.

These desires, these passions, the food of an addict

Why with each strike do we feel like we’ve been tricked?

Why as the moment, it passes away,

Why don’t the sparks of the substances stay?

Why do I keep on longing for more?

Why am I throbbing, and painful and sore?

The magic, the sparkle, the bliss, it’s all there

The comforts, the love, the happiness shared.

The light that we’re chasing, it’s always within,

The virus we’re fighting, everyone wins.

We are addicts.

Addicted to work, addicted to sleep

Addicted to fast foods, addicted treats,

Addicted to diets, addicted to weight,

Addicted to shopping, addicted to dates,

Addicted to sex, addicted to drinks,

Addicted to what other people might think,

Addicted to parties, addicted to drugs,

Addicted to smoking, addicted to pubs.

I’m addicted to breathing, I’m addicted to sound

I’m addicted to turning others pains around

We’re all addicted to something, it’s not just negative

Close your eyes, pause, admit it and live.

We are addicts.

Copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2018
Music: Ludovico Einaudi – Whirling Winds

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