Your Accommodation in Portugal

Our trainings are holistic and give you a raw opportunity to embody a clean, yogic lifestyle allowing for detoxification of body, mind and spirit in and out of the classroom setting.


Tipis and Domes

We carefully picked Gravito as we wanted a place where you can truly reconnect to The Earth. The accommodation for our guests is in comfortable decked tipis and domes surrounded by nature. Each tipi has idyllic nature views, is set on an individual terrace and holds 2-4 people.


All meals on our Teacher Training Programs follow a pure Sattvic yogic diet.

A Sattvic diet consists of vital, pure and clean foods that honour the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence) an important element of the Yogic Philosophy you will be learning about.

Please inform us of any specific dietary requirements as we would be happy to cater for these.