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Anna has been a dedicated student of yoga for over 17 years and naturally fell into teaching in 2011. Yoga Wanders was born from a dedication and deep desire for sharing the tools and learning she has acquired, alongside an unbounded curiosity for travel and adventure.  She has been guiding retreats and immersions internationally for nearly a decade.

Her journey on this path opened gateways to a better understanding of self & provided her with tools to navigate through the shape shifting challenges of this human existence with more grace and awareness. It enabled her to recreate how to choose to live life more bravely, authentically and with more heart led awareness.

Through feeling exploration in movement and exploration of the subtle and energetic bodies, she encourages students to find natural, comfortable and safe movement patterns in their bodies and to support the remembrance of the inherent nature that is the human body and each individuals unique and personal experience.

She is currently furthering her studies to become a Somatic Movement Educator with the school of Body Mind Centring.


Through a deep sense of curiosity and a desire to bridge the space between the chaos and calm, Sara found herself exploring ways in which to reconnect with her inner world on a deeper level. Spending time in stillness, writing poetry and reconnecting through the practice of Ashtanga, she found the middle ground, the balance she’d been searching for. Her ability to connect with others on a deep emotional level directed her down the teaching route as well as sharing her insights & learnings through the poetry she writes.

Sara has a natural ability to hold space for others allowing her to connect deeply and compassionately to all. She can relate to the journey that the you’re embarking on and is passionate about creating a safe and nurturing environment for everyone. 

As assistant manager, Sara is your go-to person throughout the course and will ensure the smooth running of the daily schedule. She will be there offering guidance and support wherever needed. Sara’s main priority is ensuring that you have have the best experience possible.


Your course has been written, designed, curated and practiced with love by Jessica, Founder and Leading Manager of Middle Path Movement. 

Jessica has been teaching and practicing yoga in all its forms for several years. She has been traveling the world, studying alternative therapies for over 12 years and hosts retreats and yoga teacher training courses worldwide – from wellness retreats in Jamaica to yoga treks to Everest base camp. She is an accredited E-500 RYT and YACEP Qualified Trainer, Reiki Master, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and Thai massage therapist and has recently launched her first podcast named ‘Egolution’ (listen here)

Having explored several cultures from a very young age and studied alongside multiple indigenous teachers, she shares her personal experiences of Self-Healing an auto-immune disease whilst travelling the world, in all stems of yoga but finds the most vibrancy in studying and teaching about the philosophy of yoga. 

Part of Jessicas own personal holistic practice is writing, and this formed her inspiration for the publication of her first book, ‘Egolution-Volume 1-Revolution Starts Within’ a collection of philosophical poems written after the stillness of meditation. . Read more about Middle Path Movement here.

As Jessica’s family is growing, she curates many of your experiences and trainings from her home in London, attending as many retreats and trainings abroad as she can. She feels immensely grateful for her expanding MPM team for being a part of the manifestation of the Middle Path Movement dream. Read more about Middle Path Movement here.

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