The Butterfly Awakening Transformation Course

An intimate and transformative 12 week course designed to connect you to your inner being, by recognizing limiting beliefs and providing a valuable and unique skill set for overcoming personal obstacles.

We are all confronted with obstacles in life, whether its from an unfortunate event, a challenging relationship or a destructive state of mind, and getting through the obstacle can many a time seem impossible. I speak from experience in my own journey and I know we have all been there; recognizing that is our catalyst for change.

I have transformed my difficult experiences into gold dust. My suffering has become my knowledge, my pain – stories for laughter and my anxieties – a compass for change. My dreams – everyday become my reality and my challenges (and trust me there have been many), a gift for growth and expansion.

My students and companions I have met around the world have asked me time and time again if I can put my skill set into a bundle and this course is that.

Inspired by my book – The Butterfly Awakening, and my 12 years of journeying around the world – I present to you my first online Transformation Course.

A 12 week course for individuals ready to overcome their personal obstacles and REALLY manifest their dreams. It doesn’t matter what the obstacle is, we will face it with a unique skill set that I have personally collected over the past 11 years whilst traveling the world. Skills learnt from teachers, shamans, monks and mountains that have deconstructed my limitations and alchemised them into abundant truth.

A collection of 1-1 consultations, videos, guided meditations, in depth learning into the philosophy of yoga and chakra science, written and practical exercises and a copy of my first book – Egolution, carefully structured to suit the needs of the individual that is YOU – and I’ll be right by your side for the duration of the course.

All that and more, waiting to be unlocked in this magical course – The Butterfly Awakening.

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