Yellow Genius

‘Teachers come in many forms…

Some come as shining golden rays of light,

Some as big, fat and ugly storms,

Some have two legs and a white board

Some are naked, smoking pipes.

Some seem kind, warm and loving,

Some cruel, harsh and confusing….

Violent, viscious, cold.

Perception may choose to create a lens of pain as we sit in the classroom of life.

But it is these lessons and experiences that peel back the layers of illusion and shield us with discernment.

So today, I thank my teachers,

In whatever form you’ve chosen to come.

I thank all the adventures paved along My Yellow Brick Road.

But most of all, I thank My Self and my intuition, My biggest, baddest teacher of them all…’

Om Namo Narayan

Copyright © Jessica Noifeld 2018

Music : Karnamrita – Devaki

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