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Sami is a highly experienced yoga teacher with an international background. He is committed to healing the mind through good actions, love and compassion. His only purpose is to spread the knowledge that it is possible to find genuine and lasting happiness by taming and training your own mind. 

His practice is known for being wise, focused and fun. He has explored different kinds of practices, searching for a lighter body and mind and dedicated his studies to Traditional Hatha, the alignment of Iyengar and the flow of  Ashtanga Vinyasa. To settle his mind and find balance between the sun and moon, he dedicates his continued education to studying Yin yoga, Qi Gong, Vipassana and Shamatha Meditation and Buddhist philosophy.

He noticed that Yoga adapts itself according to the practitioner and social aspects. translating this knowledge and making it available to our current time is wisdom.

Our generation has different needs than the past generation. We are colorful, diverse, inclusive and accepting. Some of us notice that the world that we live in needs rest, silence and awareness.  In order to heal ourselves, we need to heal our community, the environment and the society that we live in. Yoga is about that. The healing path is grounded on healing others.

Sami is a free soul. Always on  the road and experienced with different cultures, he has become a citizen with no borders. It is hard to say where he is really from. He was born in Brazil and  carries that playful and enthusiastic joy. Also, his practices are noticeable a great influence of Arabic culture and wisdom, especially with their warm hospitality and generosity. All that combined with ancient wisdom, discipline and respect only found in Asia. Sami’s trainings were held in India, where he regularly returns to renew his knowledge and vows.

His experience includes teaching in different countries, such as India, Egypt, Morocco, Malaysia and Brazil. He has a business background which can be helpful to ground our energy. Be prepared to laugh, work seriously, flourish your potential, and find confidence in your vulnerability. His practice is a journey to the inside, healing yourself through healing the ones around you, whoever they are, whatever motivation they have, all beings matter in his practices.


Eisha is an experienced yoga teacher from London, who shares the passion of The Middle Path Movement ethos. Yoga has changed her life in so many ways & she is known for leading spaces that enable community & connection.

She is great at making all aspects of yoga accessible; teaching various styles including, Ashtanga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Pregnancy & Post Natal. Her teaching style is influenced by her mission of guiding the Self Discovery of Mind, Body & Spirit. 

Eisha is devoted to cultivating, nourishing & nurturing those she serves; she is  inspiring, organically sharing her energy & gifts with students to support them on their journey. She will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone, whilst discovering Self & finding your Middle Path.

With over 3000 hours of teaching experience, including mentoring & leading her own very successful retreats, she is a natural guide. She is keen to support others on their journey & empowering them to become the yoga teacher they are destined to be. 

Eisha is a fun, loving, strong woman. She is committed to her own practice, and thrives in sharing her passions with her son. She is also a wife & dog lover and is very excited to join the teaching tribe, helping to spread Middle Path Movement across the world! 

Sara – Manager on Duty

Through a deep sense of curiosity and a desire to bridge the space between the chaos and calm, Sara found herself exploring ways in which to reconnect with her inner world on a deeper level. Spending time in stillness, writing poetry and reconnecting through the practice of Ashtanga, she found the middle ground, the balance she’d been searching for. Her ability to connect with others on a deep emotional level directed her down the teaching route as well as sharing her insights & learnings through the poetry she writes.

Sara has a natural ability to hold space for others allowing her to connect deeply and compassionately to all. She can relate to the journey that you’re embarking on and is passionate about creating a safe and nurturing environment for everyone. 

As assistant manager, Sara is your go-to person throughout the course and will ensure the smooth running of the daily schedule. She will be there offering guidance and support wherever needed. Sara’s main priority is ensuring that you have have the best experience possible.

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