“Travelling My World, writing a book, finding balance between structure and spirit”

Middle Path Movement creates experiences and provides alternative tools, for anyone ready and willing to face their fears and transform their own reality.
Offering a variety of retreats, excursions, arts, workshops and meet ups so that anyone, from any background, lifestyle or culture has a chance to learn, share, heal and grow confidently, with expansion of awareness, movement of body and stillness in mind.
We focus on finding equilibrium between Eastern and Western philosophies and lifestyles, carefully structuring words and experiences in order to inspire change and growth.

‘After being diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, as a child, I took it in my stride to heal my condition holistically and stop taking my cocktail of Western medicines. doctors said i would lose my mobility at a very young age.
I moved to Thailand at 19 and began logging my experiences of different cultures, teachings and lifestyles. I soon learnt that, if others could share these experiences, they would also have an opportunity to to get an understanding of their suffering and choose to overcome it.
I’ve been on a travelling, Self-study mission since 2010 and ‘Middle Path Movement’ and ‘Egolution’ have become my tools for sharing. Soon ‘The Butterfly Awakening’, my first book, will be added to the collection.
This is a journey of ecstatic highs and crumbling lows, some days bright and cheerful other days riddled with anxiety and fear, but along this road of confronting extremes, I have managed to find The Middle Path.
As the movement is expanding and growing, so too is our team. We are a tribe of humans that are doing our best to become shinier versions of Our Selves. with open hearts and open hands, we invite you to be YOU and overcome your fears”



“As one door closes, another must open. As we release our Selves from preconception or attachment to thoughts, a whole world of possibilities is unleashed; as we let go of expectation and realise, we are our  greatest teachers, then does the real magic happen…” (The Butterfly Awakening)

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